Since I was a wee kid I loved working on different things like drawings, comics, and videos. I dreamed of different. I even had the name for this fictional company, Tutimon. The name formed from two things:


Tuti, the first character I created, inspired by the neighborhood chihuahua.

The monsters in Japanese anime/games like Pokemon and Digimon. 

Since then I have labeled my work under Tutimon. My goal with Tutimon is to produce creations that I hope others will find entertaining and/or of some value using art, technology and the cute, weird, funny...  



Momo & Pals

Inspired by my derpy munchkin cat Momo, I created a sticker pack for iOS Messenger. Momo has many different pals like Kunie the Ferret, Koko the dog and many more. Available for free on the App Store and on GIPHY.

Other Projects

College Dropout logo.
The app icon for Santa's Night. A pixel art image of Santa with a full moon behind him.


Pepe el Pinguino

Puggy Long Legs

The true queen

Acid was super effective

Let me take a selfie

Fratty Explosion



Love Momo Sticker

Love Momo sticker image

Momo Momo Sticker

Momo Momo sticker image

Love Momo Shirt


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